Vented and Unvented Water Cylinders

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Water Cylinders

Water Cylinders

The chances are, unless you work in the plumbing and gas industry you are unlikely to come into contact with information regarding vented and unvented water cylinders. However, when the time comes to upgrade your boiler it is worth knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the two types and to make an informed decision about which would be the best choice for you and your home. Or, you can always get a qualified gas safety engineer from a reputed firm like Infinity Gas Services to decide for you!

Vented Cylinders – The Pros

Vented cylinders are popular in many homes as they are very simple to install and are effective in supplying heat and hot water. They also require less servicing than their unvented counterparts. Most vented cylinders are designed to take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs so can be a very cost-effective choice.

There are two different types of vented cylinders: combination and non-combination. Vented combination cylinders are best for homes which do not have a lot of space as the unit contains a cold water cistern and a hot water tank in one. Non-combination cylinders require a cold water tank to be placed elsewhere in the home.

Vented Cylinders – The Cons

As mentioned above, non-combination vented cylinders require a cold water tank to be installed somewhere in the home. The most obvious place for this is in the loft as the tank can be large and unsightly. Both combination and non-combination cylinders rely on gravity to provide the water pressure and some households may find this a problem. It might be necessary to install a pump to help boost the water pressure. The downside of the installation of a pump is that it will use up more electricity.

Unvented Cylinders – The Pros

Unvented cylinders work by connecting directly to the mains supply of water and are essentially hot water storage cylinders. Water pressure from unvented cylinders is usually very good because they receive the water direct from the mains supply. This is an advantage on vented cylinders as you will not require a pump to ensure powerful showers or fast water flow, especially for houses with more than one bathroom.

Unvented cylinders also take up less space as you do not need to have a separate cold water tank installed and this also gives greater flexibility when having the boiler installed as you can place it (within reason) where you please. You will also find that unvented cylinders have better safety features and controls to keep them in good working order.

Unvented Cylinders – The Cons

Unvented cylinders are more costly to purchase and install than vented cylinders and they do require a regular maintenance check to ensure that they continue to work well. You may also find that your unvented cylinder is not compatible with certain outlets meaning you may have to replace more than just the boiler.

In short, unvented cylinders are more costly but in the long-term should save you more on your utility bills whereas vented cylinders are cheaper and easier to install but they can take up more space within your home.

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