Top Flooring Trends Of 2013

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Interested in giving your home a bit of a refurb? Just bought a new property and need to do it up before you can move in? Then you will most likely be considering flooring, as it is one of the more important decisions that will affect the overall look of the room and/or property. If you fancy taking a less traditional wood floor/ laminate/ tile route then consider these flooring materials as an alternative.

Top Flooring Trends Of 2013

Top Flooring Trends Of 2013


Bamboo has been used for many tasks for a very long time. It is only recently that it has being used in a more widespread fashion in the flooring world. There has been an explosion in the variety of styles and colours of bamboo flooring available in recent years, including products such as ‘strand-woven bamboo’ which is a highly engineered product made using the inner bamboo fibres.

Bamboo whilst as hard if not harder than hardwood when dried, is in fact a fast growing grass. Traditionally bamboo flooring has come in thin banded strips, but there are now wide plank products available which mimic the look of more traditional wood flooring. Just remember that like other wood flooring it is best to keep bamboo flooring away from moisture- so it is not advisable to use it in kitchens or bathrooms.


Not just useful for pin boards and bottled wine, cork is actually a great material for flooring. It is more comfortable to walk on than traditional hardwood flooring. Previously it was usually only available in its natural tan colour but now a whole gamut of colours are available. Advances in technology have made cork finishes far more durable than they used to be. Cork is also a great sound absorber and so has great soundproofing qualities. However it is still susceptible to moisture damage and fades in direct sunlight.


Not the first thing you think about when considering flooring, concrete is making waves in the flooring world- it’s so hot right now. This very trendy, durable and sleek surface material has many advantages- toughness is number one amongst these. The downside to concrete is that it is quite hard on the feet for everyday use. Why not soften up a concrete floor with a handmade designer rug from the talented people atBazaar Velvet.

Reclaimed Wood

A modern trend for flooring is to make a classic looking style using new technologies. Reclaimed wood is beautiful and unique but it can be very expensive to get a hold of real reclaimed timber. Instead think about using factory finished hardwood flooring. It offers the same look as reclaimed wood but without the costs and hassle of using reclaimed wood. Factory finished hardwood will also deal with moisture better than wood that has been finished onsite.

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