The Old-Time Experience of Using Hand Planes

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It was not long ago that hand planes were an everyday tool. Many of the plane’s functions have recently been taken over by powered tools. However, this simple tool still hangs on to some advantages over its powered replacements.

For beginners, the hand plane is much less expensive than the power tools that perform the same functions. This can be very important for the beginning woodworker who’s budget for setting up his workshop may be limited. Hand planers are so well used that even flea markets will provide many affordable planes, blades and other woodworking tools.

There is no limit on the width of a board that can be worked with a hand plane. Some power planners can only cover a set width while the old time hand planer can be used on any width of wood. This versatility is very much an important feature for the new woodworker. Instead of having to make smaller boards fit the job, you have the security of being able to use whatever size of wood best fits the need of the job.

As well as fitting the wood to the tool. Hand planers come in a wide variety of sizes. You can fit the size of your planer to work on everything from a fine jewel box of cherry wood to a heavy oak bed rail.

And there is the pleasure of being able to shave thin, almost read-through flakes of wood from the piece you are working with. That is something no power grinder could ever do. It even has the practical use of shaving aromatic woods and using as a base for potpourri or animal bedding. The sounds of the blade shaving off the slivers of wood creates an atmosphere of nostalgia that connects you to the wood and gives you the feeling of satisfaction only hand tools can impart.

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