Mold Removal

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mold1Tiny mold spores exist everywhere in our homes. If they are given the right environmental conditions, they will grow and spread, infesting your home or structure with their colonies.

The presence of mold spores in your living environment can be incredibly toxic to your health and should be dealt with and removed immediately.

Excessive mold spores in the air can lead to development of asthma in children, as well as increased allergy reactions and respiratory distress in children and adults.

When your living environment gets overly humid, these spores begin to thrive and can grow at a rapid place. You will notice them start out as tiny black dots on your ceiling and then quickly develop into large, wide circular patterns that creep all over your ceilings and walls. Get the mold out of your life with a Mold Removal specialist that has a good industry track record and solid client testimonials.

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