Laminated Glass

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abbeyThere are plenty of ways to construct a project, but one way that can add uniqueness to your project is by using toughened, laminated, or toughened laminated glass. At Abbey Glass, they offer many different types and designs of toughened and laminated glass.

They offer safety laminate in thickness from 4.4mm and greater. On top of that, they offer the glass in various styles, including curved or bent if your plan calls for it. They also offer fire rated glass laminate for use in fireplaces or other hot areas. In order to set the right ambiance with the glass designs, Abbey Glass offers effects such as sandblasted, acid-etched, and decorative film adorned glass so that you can get the right artistic effect you want. Also, if you plan on using the glass as flooring, Abbey Glass offers specialized non-slip glass.

Toughed, laminated, and toughened laminate glass offers both safety and uniqueness and Abbey Glass can easily and expertly fulfill those needs.

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