How To Save Money On Lighting Bills

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When most people think of energy saving bulbs they tend to picture the small fluorescent bulbs that flicker and takes ages to come on. While these offer one solution to saving energy on lighting bills, the light they output is far less impressive than even incandescent bulbs and this combined with the slow start-up time make them a poor choice for situations where high quality lighting is required.

A much better solution for providing light in an energy efficient manner is LED technology. LED bulbs output great quality light that’s there instantly when switched on. They produce less heat than any other type of bulb and as a result of this they also waste less energy. Another great feature of LED bulbs that’s only now starting to be used to great effect is their ability to change colour on demand. This means they can be used to provide great visual effects ranging from outdoor illumination of a building to create a landmark to a small bed-side LED lamp.

Because white LEDs are made using 3 bulbs (red, green and blue), it’s possible to change the colour tone – something that can make a space seem cool and modern or warm and cosy. A range of colour tones are on the market as well as full-blown colour changing bulbs that can produce any colour of the spectrum. When you realise that any colour combination is possible, it’s easy to imagine how a few carefully placed LEDs can transform a space.

LEDs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes ranging from LED tube overhead style lights to light strips which can be placed almost anywhere. Fittings and fixtures aren’t an issue as LEDs come in retrofit sizes and so can be put in almost any lamp. From traditional bayonet fittings to small screw and more specialised fittings – there’s a product out there.

As if all these benefits weren’t enough there’s yet another benefit to LED technology. Lifetime is something that affects all bulbs no matter how they produce light. Fortunately LEDs last longer – dramatically longer. With lifetimes of 7 years and above, an investment in an LED bulb will not only save power, but will last longer before needing to be replaced. This not only benefits the end consumer but it also helps the environment as less bulb manufacturing needs to be done. This results in a large energy saving when compared to shipping endless amounts of incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

With all these things considered it’s easy to see why LED bulbs are a great technology to invest in. Not only do they pay for themselves , they will save money over the long run and are an unbeatable way to produce light while using minimal energy. To check out the range of bulbs on the market have a look online. The number of different fittings, wattages and colour tones is endless so just about any lamp can be upgraded.

To learn more about LED technology head over to the LightRabbit website. LightRabbit are a specialist in modern, contemporary and trade LED Lighting and Lights and are a great site to check out if you’re wanting to learn more about LEDs. Over at their website you can find a great range of LED products and learn more about the technology.

So if you’re tired of the old lighting in your home, bachelor apartment, or flat, don’t worry – LED lighting can give you high quality lighting and save money too. Whether you are simply a home owner or an organisation, LED Lighting is sure to suit all your lighting needs.

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