How To Attach Fence Panels To Fence Posts

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When you’re building a new fence to line your border or you have to replace some broken fence panels, the task ahead isn’t particularly difficult especially if you have a helper available, even if it’s only to pass you nails, screws and the hammer or screwdriver at the right time, you can complete the task quite quickly.

No doubt, you will have checked with your local authority, to ensure that you don’t need planning permission for installing garden fencing, because unless you live in a listed property, they won’t usually mind you installing a 2 m fence in your rear garden.

How To Attach Fence Panels To Fence Posts

How To Attach Fence Panels To Fence Posts

Almost certainly, they will limit you to 1 m fence in your front garden. Luckily most suppliers of fence panels will provide you with units that are one or 2 m tall once they are installed with standard fence posts.

Preparing your tools of the trade

Presuming that you have already measured the space to fill so that you know how many fence panels and fence posts to order, you need to gather together all of your tools of the trade to make the task easier.

You will need:

your new fence panels
a trellis if you are adding to the top of the fence panels
fence posts
panel clips
galvanised nails
a spade and a spirit level
your favourite tape measure
concrete mix
your helper

Your fence posts will need to be sunk at least 2 foot into the ground. Eventually you will be attaching the fence panels with the use of panel clips and galvanised nails which won’t rust as they easily suffer the best the British rain can throw at them.

Using a spirit level is essential to ensure that your finished fence panels look perfectly level. The tape measure is there to ensure that you put the fence posts in the right place so the fence panels fit exactly between them.

It is best if you can use a fast setting concrete mix, for your fence posts. This ensures that you can install the fence posts relatively quickly without having to wait days for the post to set before you can add the fence panels.

Talk it through with your neighbour

When you are installing garden fencing, the whole process is much easier if you can work from both sides. If you talk through your plans with your neighbour, who is going to benefit from your new fence panels, they may even decide to help you to ensure that the fence panels look great from their side.

Having checked your boundary so that you know your fence panels will be installed in the correct place and having removed any old fence posts, you are safe to go ahead and install your first fence post.

Once you have positioned the second fence post exactly one fence panel’s width away, you will be able to install the gravel board in the right position before you attach the fence panels to the fence posts which is a simple task using the galvanised nails through the panel clips. You will find this task easier if you nail the clips to the fence post before you attach the fence panels.

Once you’ve completed this task around your garden, your new security and privacy screening will be in place.

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