Deep Fryer Cooking – A Guide to Cook the Perfect Food

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Many people have never tried deep-frying although it is quite easy to do it. Additionally, a deep fryer is actually the safest and cleanest way to deep fry your food.

First, you must carefully read the deep fryer instructions, as fryers are not all the same and they might work differently. You also need to have the right oil in the fryer, as different oil types requires different cooking time. Based on the oil of your choice, the results might also vary.

Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer

Fill the best deep fryer with the right amount of oil, making sure that it is below the max fill line. In the lack of max fill line, read again the instructions. The dryer needs to be filled with enough oil for the food to be immersed, but space should be left as the food will also displace a certain amount of oil.

The machine is generally equipped with a temperature control, which might be a knob or a button. Some deep fryers will indicate you when the oil has reached the right temperature; in the lack of this feature, you can drop a cube of white bread (crustless) into the oil. The oil has reached the right temperature of the white bread turns golden brown in about one minute. Alternatively, you can also use a thermostat.

If the oil is not sufficiently hot, the food will simply soak it up. On the other hand, in the case of too hot oil, the food will only be cooked on the outside, remaining somewhat raw on the inside.

Don’t put too much food into the fryer at once, because the food is rapidly cooked and it is much easier and quicker to cook in batches.

In the case of frozen food, brush off the ice crystals to avoid spattering when the food gets in contact with the oil in the fryer. During cooking, close the lid of the deep fryer. Time your cooking and then take out the cooked food with the slotted spoon, basket or tongs and place it on paper towels to soak up the grease surplus.

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