Asbestos Abatement

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westernAsbestos is notorious for its use in residential and commercial buildings in the 1900’s. This material has been linked to a host of health risks from their airborne fibers.

Asbestos can cause pleural thickening of the lungs, which leads to the condition asbestosis, where the lungs have difficulty expanding and contracting due to the asbestos fibers clogging them up.

It’s necessary to completely remove all asbestos from structures and Asbestos Abatement is a process that require diligent planning and safe execution when dealing with any site.

If you have asbestos that you need removed, then the first place to start is to select a contractor that is experienced in asbestos abatement and has a solid track record of success that is backed up by satisfied client testimonials.

Arrange a consultation with them to discuss the site inspection and testing. They should outline their plan for the removal and site clean-up and walk you through the entire process timeline.

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